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The Institution was created on November 19, 1997, three years after the regulation of foundations to support Federal Institutions of Higher Education (IFES), but our activities effectively began on December 17, 1999, when Professor Luiz Pedro Ali end is mandate as Dean of the Fluminense Federal University (UFF).


Foundation's first president was Professor Wainer da Silveira e Silva, whose administration lasted from December 1998 to July 2000.  The initial challenge was to deconstruct a concept view for many in the University, that the initiative could mean a principle of privatization of the University.


Secondly, the Foundation was managed by Professor Peter Carajilescov, who remained in the post from July to December 2000. During this period, the Dean of the UFF was Professor Cicero Mauro Rodrigues Fialho, who served two mandates, from 1998 to 2006. At the time, the Foundation's statute was elaborated.


In December 2000, Professor Ronaldo Pessanha Pombo became president of the FEC, until January 2003, during which there was an adjustment in the structure of the Foundation, which started to operate in a building donated by the UFF. Thus, the FEC has evolved significantly, but it was from 2003, under the chairmanship of Professor Valter Luiz Gomes Brand, the designs grew in volume and in number of resources.


In November 2006, began on the first mandate of the current Rector of the UFF, Professor Roberto de Souza Salles, and the same period that Professor Valter Luiz ended its mandate as President of FEC and teacher César dos Santos Frederick Von Dollinger assume and remained ahead until 2009, when Professor Anthony Fontana succeeded.


In 2011, for the first time in the history of the Institution, a woman took his presidency - Professor Miriam Assunção de Souza Lepsch. The marker does not end just because itself, but the result of their management aligned to administrative innovation. Since then, the Foundation develops pioneering activities - as "FEC Discusses", "Supports FEC" and "FEC Itinerant" - contributing for the dissemination of knowledge and new technologies present in UFF, reinforcing the slogan of the Foundation: "planting research, collecting development”.

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